Performance Tuning

The need for quick answers to business questions is critical to the success of any business. The amount of time it takes to answer those questions is dependent on how much data your systems have to sift through to give you those answers. We have decades of experience in helping businesses find ways to minimize the amount of data they need to examine to find those critical answers.

Disaster Recovery

When businesses lose their data they can go out of business. It's important that you have a recovery plan in place to be able to get back to a point where you can operate your business. Whether that data loss is due to natural disaster or to ransomware attacks, you need to have a plan to get back to "business as normal". We can help you set up your disaster recovery plan that can meet your RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and your RPO (Recovery Point Objective).

Data Architecture

One of the keys to answering business problems quickly is having the data structured in a way that lends itself to quick answers to key questions. With over a quarter century experience in designing database and data warehouse structures, we can help you define the structures needed to get the answers you need quickly, and know that the data reflects the truth of your business, so you can rely on those answers.