Buckeye Trail – Jan. 20, 2021

It’s Inauguration Day, and in celebration I chose to hike 7.6 miles on the Buckeye Trail. Today’s hike covered the last part of the Akron section I hadn’t yet hiked, and also covered about a mile of the Towpath Trail that had been closed last fall when I was hiking that trail.

I started from the Botzum trailhead on the Towpath Trail and headed south, but where I’d continued on the Towpath last fall, this time I turned off that trail and headed into the hills at the intersection of Smith Road and Riverview. The next few miles were a lot of up and down in the Sand Run Parkway area of the Akron Metroparks, and made for much more interesting hiking. It also started snowing more heavily, and in the woods, was quite pretty.

The rest of the hike was back on the Towpath, heading into downtown Akron, ending at the Mustill Store trailhead.

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