The Magic of Service Broker

In 2009 a client presented a problem with synchronizing data between their web site and their internal OLTP application. Due to strong concerns over fraudulent access to their web site, they’d put two separate firewalls between their internal system and their web site. Then they used linked servers to move data between the servers. The way it was designed, it could be as much as an hour between when a customer ordered from them, and when the customer received confirmation of the order.

I introduced asynchronous messaging within SQL Server – Service Broker – to them as a solution. The messages were encrypted and secure, and only the expected message types could be sent or received on either side. The best thing was that network downtime didn’t incur the loss of any of the messages, they just waited until the network was restored, and then work continued.

Next week, I’ll be presenting a full day session on various approaches to performance and data architecture problems using Service Broker, at the SQL Saturday in Oslo, Norway. As a benefit to the folks who read my blog, they’re offering a 10% discount on the session, if you use the code SBMAGIC when you register.

Here’s the link to the class:

I’d love to see you there!