Buckeye Trail – Jan. 6, 2021

This morning I decided to park my car at the finish line of my hike, and get a ride to the start. My Lyft driver, Kathi, was extremely friendly, and even though she lives in the area, had never been to the Lester Rail Trail Head or to Spencer Lake, we had a fun conversation from one to the other.

Today’s hike was completely on roads, no trails at all in this section, so pace is quicker, but it’s a bit less enjoyable (to me.) With a missed turn, and a bit of backtracking to get back on track (see what I did there?) it ended up being 13.5 miles.

There were some interesting sights, like the farm with the “Western Reserve Land Conservancy – RESERVED LAND” sign, and the Letha House Park that I didn’t know existed, and of course, the pond in the front yard of a house that was swarming with ducks!

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