Buckeye Trail – Nov. 29, 2020

This morning’s hike took me from Hinckley Lake along the Buckeye Trail 13.5 miles to Medina Square.

After leaving the Hinckley Lake Reservation, my hike followed mostly roads, which can be a little unnerving at times. I passed the Hinckley Equestrian Center (pictured) before heading down Remsen Road into Weymouth. Here’s what the trail guide says about Weymouth:

A historian writing about Weymouth in an 1881 history book wrote, “Weymouth came near being the county seat. But, for the fact that those owning the land around Weymouth lacked sufficient public spirit to donate land for public buildings, the place no doubt would have been selected as the seat of justice. Ah, what might have been!”

Just south of Weymouth I turned onto Cook Road, where the road dips down to cross the north branch of the Rocky River, and I saw this neat house tucked into a bend in the river.

I continued on to Medina Lake, then via some connector trails just south of Smith Road back to the Square, where the Gazebo is properly decorated for Christmas.

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