Buckeye Trail – Jan. 23, 2021

The wind was cold this morning, as I made my way 6.3 miles on the Buckeye Trail, from Chagrin Falls (home of Tim Conway) to Gates Mills, a sleepy little community in the Chagrin River valley.

I started on the bridle path in Chagrin Falls, where I’d finished last Saturday’s hike with my friend Amy. Where last week was really, really muddy, today that mud was frozen and covered with a thin layer of snow.

The bridle path continued for just over a mile, and the rest of the hike was on Chagrin River Road. I’m not partial to road hiking, but the footing was better, and there were some incredible homes and farms along the way, as well as nice views of the Chagrin River as it wound its way north.

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