Buckeye Trail – Nov 27, 2020

Started on my new goal, to hike the Buckeye Trail (https://buckeyetrail.org/). Today, I started on the Medina section, starting at the Top O’Ledges picnic area and followed the “blue blazes” to the Brecksville MetroParks, a total of 11.9 miles.

About 4 miles in I hiked through the Richfield Nature Preserve, which was a Girl Scout camp that my Boy Scout troop rented out a couple of times, so I included a picture of the semi-cabins we slept in when we camped there.

I also passed by Barr Road Cemetery, where friends of mine and I would go when we were in high school for grave rubbings and general teenage shenanigans.

In total, the Buckeye Trail covers roughly 1440 miles and circumnavigates the state of Ohio. I’ve already hiked a lot of the Akron and Massillon sections in my hikes of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park trails and the Towpath Trail, but it’ll be interesting to see other parts of the state (and even the trails in Northeast Ohio I haven’t done yet.)

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  1. On my hike through the Richfield Nature Preserve I met Christine Naizer, a member of Friends of Crowell/Hilaka, and asked her about the totem poles that used to be at the entrances to the grounds. She didn’t know the history of them, so I shared it with her, and she shared it with her group (along with my picture from that day’s hike.)


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