SQL Bits 2019 Manchester, England

Today I presented my session called ‘Find and Fix Your Troublesome Queries’ to a full room at SQL Bits, in Manchester, England. It was a shortened version of my regular session, because we were limited to 50 minutes for the session time, but it felt like it went off well, and I’ve received a number of positive comments so far.

I needed to provide a link to the materials I used in the session, so you can download them here.

I’d like to thank Tom Evans, for the wonderful picture he took, shown at the top of this post. Tom’s picture captures the fact that the Manchester Central Conference Center used to be the train station for the city, and he captured the roof and the clock so well, as well as the full house for the presentation. I’d also like to thank John Armando McCormack, for this picture, towards the end of the session.

Thanks, everyone who attended, and I hope to see you again soon!