Buckeye Trail – Jan. 16, 2021

As much as I enjoy hiking by myself, it’s also wonderful to have company, and I was joined on my 7.35 mile hike in the Chagrin Reservation by my good friend Amy Jamieson-Petonic. We started in Solon at the Harper’s Ridge picnic area, and hiked along the Buckeye Trail to where it went under Chagrin Boulevard, near Chagrin Falls.

Much of the hike today was on the bridle path, which was extremely muddy, and a bit slippery from the snow that fell since yesterday afternoon. There were also a number of wet stream crossings, which are always interesting. 😉

At one point we came upon a building (called Look About Lodge) that I’m pretty sure I stayed in during one of my Boy Scout camping trips in about 1967. The views of the Chagrin River and surrounding terrain were quite beautiful, especially with the snow covering.

Be advised that there’s construction at the Jackson Field site along the trail, and the trail is actually closed for that section. (We “muddied” through it anyway.)

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