Towpath Trail – Nov 14, 2020

Completed 14 miles on the Towpath between Massillon and Bolivar today. I’ve now completed about 78 miles along the Towpath. This morning completed my hiking through Stark County and just into Tuscarawas County.

I hiked south to north because it’s easier to get a Lyft ride in Massillon than it is in Bolivar, but I hiked right past the Nickles Bakery headquarters and main plant in Navarre.

My Lyft driver is a manager with Stark County Park District, and so we talked about the Towpath on the ride back to my car, and he answered a lot of questions I’d had from hiking through from Canal Fulton to Bolivar. Probably the best (and most situationally appropriate) conversation I’ve had with a driver.

The truck lot of the Nickles Bakery is directly adjacent to the Towpath, and Rick told me that Nickles has been very supportive for Stark County’s efforts to enhance the Towpath there.

The bridge in the picture below is the oldest iron bridge in Ohio, built in Massillon in 1859.

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